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The northern Adriatic is ideal to reach in your car. Portoroz is a popular choice of sailing schools for their skipper trainings due to the proximity to Austria and Germany.
The area has some highlights to offer other than just going there to improve on basic sailing skills. These include Venice, Grado, and Rovinj, three beautiful places that can be easily reached by a charter yacht. In these places, you should spend the night in the marina to be right in the middle of the action.
The marinas themselves are European average, so it is not especially beautiful - but functional.
The area is particularly suitable for beginners in the transition seasons between spring/summer and summer/autumn. You can expect enough wind here, but it won't be too much either.
It also makes it easier to anchor in bays, which are mainly found in Istria. However, for a beach holiday, you should rather charter a yacht further south in Croatia (Dalmatia) as the water is much clearer there. On the other hand, the northern Adriatic is cheaper and offers varied and tasty food with Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian cuisine. And who can claim to have visited three countries in one week of sailing :)


📍  Istria

24.7 - 31.7.2021

Dufour 412 (2017)

2680 €

📍  Istria

23.10 - 30.10.2021

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45 (2009)

1012 €

📍  Istria

7.8 - 14.8.2021

Hanse 385 (2015)

2233 €

Suggested route

Day 1 - Arrive in Portoroz

Day 2 - From Portoroz to Grado

Day 3 - From Grado to Venice

Day 4 - From Venice to Umag

Day 5 - From Umag to Rovinj

Day 6 - From Rovinj to Porec

Day 7 - From Porec back to Portoroz

Day 8 - Drive home from Portoroz

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